9 Best Content Marketing Portfolio Examples from the Most Wanted Specialists

Do you need a content marketing portfolio right now?

Well, if you’re here, you probably do.

Portfolio is the best way to assemble and showcase your past work, as well as bringing up your personality. If you want clients and job applications lining up for you, think about all the projects you’ve worked on and all the content you’ve created.

The thing is that the competition is HUGE. And when we think about content marketing, it includes many different channels with their individual features we can’t ignore.

On this basis, there are several types of content marketers and each has its niche where it excels.

Some marketers have more than a single specialty, and they need to list all specialties that they possess to maximize client potential.

Before I show you portfolio examples from the top-notch content marketers, take a look at my checklist of the most important performance metrics to showcase. Go find your niche and make sure to add all info you’ve missed 👇

Portfolio Features for Every Marketing Channel
Marketer Type Things to Cover in a Portfolio
Instagram Marketers
  • The number of likes and shares you have received for your posts
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Background knowledge of Instagram-related SEO tools
  • Views you have reached
Facebook Marketers
  • Number of friends and acquaintances you have reached
  • Niches you write for
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Background knowledge of Facebook-related SEO tools used
YouTube Marketers
  • Number of subscribers to channels you’ve marketed
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Types of videos you specialize in for channels
  • Background knowledge of YouTube-related SEO tools used
Blog/Website Marketers
  • SEO tool knowledge you’ve used in blogs and websites
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Niches you’ve written for
  • Website and blog styles you’ve written
Infographic Marketers
  • Visuals of created infographics
  • SEO content displayed in a visually pleasing manner
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Secure inbound and share links to previously created infographics
Podcast Marketers
  • Links to past generated podcasts
  • Lead conversion rates
  • Length options of podcast
  • Topics or industries of past podcast creations

As you can see, there are no identical things to demonstrate due to significant differences each platform implies. And that’s the reason why you should know EXACTLY what to demonstrate in your portfolio.

Let’s say you have an outstanding, perfect, and all that stuff portfolio. Now you may be wondering: “How to let the world know about me?”.

Actually, you can even post it on Facebook (and it works wonders!). Or you can build a website, so you have your own customizable platform. Or you could even make a YouTube video to demonstrate your marketing skills. It’s up to you.

Below, you’ll find the most common types of portfolios that can help you to create yours and get target clients in no time!

With that said, let’s break it down with the ultimate review of 9 best content marketing portfolio examples that I have picked up for you.

1. Marijana Kay [Personal Website]

Marijana Kay specializes in working with B2B SaaS companies, and she has written extensively on a variety of topics for SaaS companies and their various teams of marketers, sales, and customer support.

About Marijana Kay
In the “About” section, Marijana shares who she is and what she does to help her potential clients to get to know her a little bit better.

She helps the companies she works with grow their authority online and reach out to their clients and potential customers.

Her specialty is writing long-form blog posts that start at 1,000 words, but some of her work has reached over 5,000+ words. She makes sure that she doesn’t limit her work to words.

Marijana Kay Homepage
On her beautifully constructed website, Marijana shares what SaaS companies she worked with to gain trust and authority.

She always provides content length that helps her clients to achieve the goals that they have outlined in front of her.

Why Marijana Kay’s portfolio is a good example to follow: When looking at Marijana Kay’s portfolio, one of the first things that make her portfolio a good example is she is direct and to the point.

In the first sentence, she states what type of company she works best with so as not to waste potential clients’ time.

Marijana Kay Portfolio
Marijana states what companies she prefers to work with and the word count she’s familiar with to avoid inappropriate customers.

She gives examples of the types of topics she has written for, and the length of the blog posts she has written on these topics.

Finally, she provides links to some of her work to showcase her capabilities to allow potential clients to ensure she is a good fit for what they are looking for in a content marketing specialist.

Marijana Kay Portfolio
Marijana Kay’s prime personal website portfolio example.

Key Takeaways

  • Provide content examples: Always make sure that you show previous work to potential clients. This will give them something to judge against other specialists to ensure you are the best fit for their needs.
  • Provide topic knowledge: You should never leave your knowledge to question. You want to state the types of topics you have written about to showcase that knowledge.
  • State the type of companies you work best with: Let potential clients know the types of companies you want to work for to save both of your time.
  • Specify blog post length preference: This cannot hurt to have listed. Some companies only want short-length blog posts, but if you write long-length blog posts you wouldn’t be a good fit, and vice versa.

2. Engage [Company Website]

Engage is a content marketing company that has several content writing specialists working for them.

They state that their work is confidential, which opens up doors for some clients that require confidentiality in their line of work.

Engage Portfolio
Engage is a good example of a company that appreciates confidentiality of her clients.

However, they still showcase the work that they have provided for clients that were open to allowing them to do so, which is important to allow potential companies to see the type of work that they can provide.

Engage Cases
Engage’s cases look highly professional.

Why Engage’s portfolio is a good example to follow: This is a prime example to follow when it is a company and not an individual being hired. A content marketing company will have multiple content writers and managers, which means they aren’t just hiring a single person when someone hires them.

With a showcase like Engage potential clients can browse through the work of different individuals that work for Engage to get the best fit for their needs.

They went with a navigation approach on their page, which allows companies to browse the areas that they are interested in without being bogged down by content that wouldn’t fit their needs.

Engage Services
Engage came up with a convenient approach to divide their work into different services, so their customers can get what they need right away.

Key Takeaways

  • Provide navigation options: Engage provides several services for their clients, and they list them in a website navigation section so that the client can go to the area they are interested in.
  • State confidentiality status: If you work with companies that require confidentiality, it is important to state that. This will attract these types of clients while still allowing them to see some of your other work.
  • Showcase content from different niches and industries: If you work with clients from different industries, showcase some of your work from different companies to give an overall view of what you and your team can do.

3. Patrick O. [Upwork]

Patrick O. displays his achievements and work on the Upwork website. He not only writes content, but he also helps to teach and implement fresh content strategies for marketing purposes.

Patrick O. Upwork Profile
When you start reading about Patrick O., the first thing you see is 5-star reviews that instantly make you think he’s a real pro.

He has currently completed over 40 copywriting and content jobs for his clients, and these jobs have ranged from B2B content writing for a SaaS software company, to ERP marketing copies, and web page content.

Patrick O. Strategies
Patrick tells us about potential results that his customers will get if they hire him.

Why Patrick O.’s portfolio is a good example to follow: This is a good example because not only does Patrick provide all of the necessary information on the various types of documents he has written, but he also has positive reviews from his past clients.

Patrick O. Reviews
Reviews are very important because they show if the specialist has succeeded or not.

With how he set up his page, companies know exactly what he requires for payment, which will let them know if they can afford his services with their budgets.

Key Takeaways

  • Gives hourly rate: It’s a good idea to provide an hourly rate for your work or another payment rate that you use for transparency.
  • Provide a response time: Providing a response time will allow clients to contact you with some idea of when they can hear from you. If you set this response time, you must uphold it to ensure potential clients of your reliability.
  • Post reviews from previous clients: When you have worked with clients, have them leave you reviews to showcase what they think about your work, experience, and professionalism.

4. Matt Macintosh [Fiverr]

Matt Macintosh is a content marketing specialist that has over 15 years of experience in generating content.

Matt Macintosh Portfolio
Matt Macintosh mentions 15-year experience in his Fiverr profile to prove professionalism and expertise.

He’s written content for some of the world’s top brands. Unlike some specialists, he has service packages that cater to different word lengths.

Matt Macintosh Packages
Matt uses a convenient package system, so his clients always know what price to expect.

With his services, he conducts a short interview with the client after conducting light research to understand their brand better.

Then after writing the content, he provides two revisions with his services if they are warranted.

About Matt Macintosh
Matt provides information on the companies he has worked with and his services.

Why Matt Macintosh’s portfolio is a good example to follow: Matt not only provides information on the type of content and companies he has provided content marketing for, but he also lays out what he includes with his services.

For instance, not only does he write content for his clients, but he provides two revisions in his service packages, which is important to be upfront about.

It allows the client to know that if there is something they want to have changed after he finishes the content, they can request the revision without having to provide additional payments.

Key Takeaways

  • Provides definite guidelines for services: Matt lays out everything having to do with his services for his clients. They know how much they are paying, how long it will take, revisions, and word count.
  • Provides means of contact: Even if a content marketing specialist looks good on paper, that doesn’t mean they will be a good fit.

Provide a way for potential clients to contact you to speak with them before you start on a project to make sure you are a good fit for what the company is looking for.

  • List examples of companies and industries previously worked in: Companies must know the industries you know of. This will allow you to attract more clients who need content you specialize in.

5. Kayla Machlica [PDF]

Kayla Machlica is a content marketing specialist that works out of New York City, and she has experience with writing content in various industries.

She has expertise in working on different platforms, and she is capable of providing different types of content marketing services.

Kayla Machlica Expertise
Kayla Machlica is a multi-platform marketer, which expands her area of expertise and brings more clients.

Some of the brands she’s worked with include Nordstrom, Curated Care, The Polo Bar, and the Brooklyn Nets. Overall, she has a well-rounded skill set that sets her apart from other specialists.

Kayla Machlica's Clients
Kayla provides her potential clients with information about the brands she has worked with to show her professional background.

Why Kayla Machlica’s portfolio is a good example to follow: This is a good example to follow because it has an excellent layout that provides Kayla’s clients with all of the information they need to know before hiring her for a job.

She provides her resume, but she also showcases some of the projects that she has personally worked on and done for her clients.

Kayla Machlica's Previous Work
Kayla has enough samples of her previous work in the portfolio to give her customers an idea of what kind of content she produces.

She is upfront about her capabilities, and she lays out her skills in the different platforms she is capable of providing for her potential clients, which makes it easy for a client to see if she will be the right fit for their needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Visually pleasing: Kayla uses both pleasing visuals and text to showcase her content marketing abilities.
  • Provides professional resume: Kayla is upfront with her work experience and resume.
  • Connected to LinkedIn account: Kayla has her portfolio linked to her LinkedIn account. This allows her to make her experience more organized than the traditional LinkedIn layout.

6. Shewali Tiwari – [LinkedIn]

Shewali Tiwari is a content marketing specialist that has worked freelance and directly for companies with different types of content jobs.

Shewali Tiwari LinkedIn Profile
Shewali Tiwari sticks to minimalistic approach with her account design and this is the case when less means more.

She has over 7 years of content writing experience and has written content for clients in various platforms and industries.

She has completed creative writing courses at the British Council and the University of East Anglia. She has also completed GrowthX, which is an 8-week cohort-based learning program.

Shewali Tiwari's Education
Shewali showcases her educational background to demonstrate the effort she has made.

Why Shewali Tiwari’s portfolio is a good example to follow: Shewali’s LinkedIn page is an excellent example to follow because she has an “about me” section that talks about her and her experience, but she also provides information on her past jobs, both freelance and company positions where she has written content.

About Shewali Tiwari
The “About me” section in Shewali’s LinkedIn profile is relatively brief but very informative, which tells us how good of a content marketing specialist she is.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep updated received recommendations: With LinkedIn, you can give and receive recommendations for past and potential future clients.

This allows you to showcase who you have worked for and give them a voice on how you worked for them, but you can also give recommendations for companies you have worked with for future people that might be thinking of working with them.

  • Gives plenty of information space: LinkedIn pages allow you various areas to provide different types of information to showcase your work.
  • Provides networking potential: LinkedIn pages, like Shewali’s page, allow content marketing specialists to network with other specialists and companies in a professional platform.

7. Ascent_storycraft [Instagram]

Cyndi Zaweski created Ascent Storycraft as a content marketing company, and she showcases her work and abilities through Instagram, which is one of the world’s leading social media platforms.

Ascent Storycraft's Instagram Profile
Cyndi’s Instagram profile has a very simple navigation – she is using “Highlights” to structure the info.

Cyndi left a huge career in media to start helping small businesses to stand out on different online platforms, like Instagram.

She offers a 12-week strategy program for her clients where she begins to establish their brand as a state of authority in their industry. One thing that her clients can feel safe in is knowing they are never alone when using her to help perfect their strategy.

Ascent Storycraft Consulting
Cyndi has a smart strategy of showcasing her consulting services – she provides positive reviews to help her customers make a decision.

Why Acent_storycraft’s portfolio is a good example to follow: One of the reasons this is a good example because many companies have begun looking for professionals through social media platforms, like Instagram.

On Instagram, specialists like Cyndi can link to examples of their previous work, and they can also provide information on their services and credentials in a glance system.

Ascent Storycraft's Posts
With so many marketing-related posts, Cyndi’s Instagram account looks very professional.

Key Takeaways

  • Uses catch tags to attract attention: With Instagram, you can post catchy tags that will gain people’s attention and gather followers, which will grow your notoriety.
  • Allows you to connect to like-minded specialists and companies: You can follow other content writers and companies to grow your network giving you the potential for more jobs.
  • Can link to all your work for companies to see: Whenever you create new content, if the company permits, you can add a link to your Instagram to show what you are capable of.

8. Janet Murray [Facebook]

Janet Murray is a content marketing expert that uses Facebook to network and gains new business opportunities.

Janet Murray's Facebook Profile
Janet Murray uses her Facebook profile to highlight professionalism and gain customers.

Courageous Content Live is her call-to-business name, and she gains likes and followers by providing posts on different things.

Her kits contain hundreds of tried and tested content plans, checklists, and templates that are easy to follow for her clients, which makes her knowledge of social media and Facebook an excellent resource.

Janet Murray Posts
Facebook is a great platform to promote Janet’s kits and get more sales.

Why Janet Murray’s portfolio is a good example to follow: Millions of people use Facebook, and it is an excellent place to network with other specialists and companies that are looking for someone to write content for them.

She adds photos and posts of different things that she has written about both for her content and other companies.

Janet Murray's Posts
Janet shares a lot of useful info about content marketing in her profile.

She has a place for her clients to leave reviews on her work, and she even mentions to her clients to help promote their businesses, as well as her own.

Key Takeaways

  • Easy messaging system: Using Facebook provides a secure place for the specialist to speak with potential clients on the jobs that they are inquiring about.
  • Allows satisfied customers to share links to their specialist: Janet can not only post likes to her clients and her work, but people can share her posts with their friends providing recognition to her work, which is excellent word-of-mouth recognition.
  • Gather likes and reviews: Portfolios on Facebook will allow specialists to gain likes and reviews that can be viewed by potential clients in the future.

9. Ross Simmonds [YouTube]

Ross Simmonds is a content marketing specialist that specializes in video marketing for his clients.

He creates content that goes on his clients’ websites, but he also uploads helpful videos for content writers and creators on how to be successful at video marketing.

Ross Simmonds's YouTube Channel
Ross Simmonds’s YouTube channel immediately attracts with a catchy banner and well-balanced design.

He understands the importance of a successful video marketing campaign, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world to make video marketing grow and become more popular.

Why Ross Simmonds’s portfolio is a good example to follow: Ross Simmond’s portfolio is a good example to follow because he doesn’t just create general content for his clients.

He provides video marketing content for himself to showcase his capabilities, which allows clients to see him in action and understand his line of marketing, which is video marketing.

Ross Simmonds's Video
Ross shares high-quality marketing-focused videos to prove his authority and gain subscribers.

Using YouTube, he can gain subscribers that like his videos and find them helpful, and it allows people to link to his videos if they want to share the content he creates.

Key Takeaways

  • Provides videos for video marketing: YouTube is a popular video marketing platform that allows content creators to show their potential clients what they are capable of.
  • Allows people to subscribe and support the specialist: YouTube provides a subscription button that allows the specialist to gain subscribers to their YouTube channel and have access to all of the video marketing content they post.
  • Allows specialists to showcase video marketing content: YouTube is an excellent place for video marketing specialists to showcase their previous work to help companies decide if the specialist is the right fit for their needs.

Tips on How to Build a Portfolio for Content Marketing

Here are some of the tips that you should consider when writing your content marketing portfolio.

  • Showcase past work. When you write material for clients, you should make sure to keep copies of your content marketing work. Then, you can showcase this past work for future clients to browse. Sometimes, they might be inspired by something they see, or it could just give them an idea of the content that you are capable of creating for them.
  • Provide a clear set of skills you possess. You should also make sure that you state your skills clearly. This will help to avoid any confusion with future clients. It will also allow you to attract clients that are looking for content marketing specialists with specific skills, which will make you stand out against other specialists.
  • Focus on consumer behavior understanding. Content marketers know the importance of writing SEO content, understanding SEO tools, having knowledge of analytics skills, and understanding keyword research and related skills. However, content marketing specialists also have to have some understanding of consumer behavior and basic human psychology. Every specialist understands that words are powerful, and having an understanding of consumer behavior is one of the many things needed to create a winning recipe for creating content. If you have a thought that your past work is more SEO-focused, check out my article about SEO portfolio examples.
  • Narrow down your expertise topics. Being good at a variety of topics is important for content writers because it opens the door to more writing opportunities. However, it is important that you only list the topics to that you can write appropriate content. There is such a thing as having too many areas of expertise when it comes to some clients.
  • Add a navigate list. If you are a company that has multiple content marketing specialists working for you, adding a navigation list can help potential clients find the right area of content they are looking for. This doesn’t have to be anything intricate. It can be a simple navigation list at the bottom of the page or on either side, as long as it is easy to find.
  • Using a pleasing layout with visuals. Sometimes the visuals on your content marketing resume can be just as important as the words. Placing the right visuals in strategic places can help to capture a potential client’s attention better than all text. So, when choosing the layout, choose visuals that will also speak to your strengths and draw your potential client’s attention.


Content marketing is popular in today’s world of technology, and it is one of the best ways for companies to get the attention of their customers.

If you are a content marketing specialist, having a proper portfolio is one of the best ways to ensure you get all the work you need to be successful.

It works a lot like a resume for other professions, but it will allow you to showcase your past work to attract new clients for future projects.

Now, I’m looking forward to your best content marketing portfolio examples. Feel free to drop them in the comments below, and I might add them to the list 😉

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