9 SEO Portfolio Examples from Industry Champions to Help You Create a Brilliant Portfolio

So, you’re thinking about creating your own SEO portfolio.

In this article I’m going to show what types of portfolios SEO specialists can use, review 9 great SEO portfolio examples and I’ll give some tips on how to design your own portfolio 💎.

Whether you’re a beginner or have experience, having a portfolio as an SEO specialist is essential. On a basic level, a portfolio gives you an opportunity to share your expertise with potential clients. It demonstrates your experience and helps you build trust.

More specifically, a portfolio gives you greater control over what types of jobs you take on. SEO specialists will have a hard time finding work without showcasing their experience. But specialists can create a portfolio, with their ideal customers in mind, giving them more direction in their careers.

Having a professional way to showcase your work is also beneficial for in-person networking. If you attend a networking event or find someone interested in search engine optimization services, being able to quickly pull up your work experience on your laptop or tablet will help you stand out and ultimately secure the deal.

It will also add value to your job applications. Many specialists apply for jobs and list their education and experience. Your application will make a much greater impression if employers can review your work samples along with your resume history.

There are many types of SEO portfolio formats available. Let’s take a closer look👇

Different SEO Portfolio Types
Type of Portfolio Pros Cons
  • Fully customize your website
  • No content restrictions
  • Professional online appearance
  • Increases your visibility and online presence
  • It makes a great first impression on potential clients
  • You won’t have access to an already established network
  • There are several costs associated with having a website like hosting, domain name expenses, and web development expenses
  • Show your portfolio to a large network of businesses already looking for specialists
  • Easy to set up your profile
  • Free to create a profile
  • Easy payments with their built-in system
  • There’s a lot of competition on the platform
  • There’s not much room for creativity in terms of portfolio layout
  • While Upwork is free to use, there are commission fees for jobs
  • You get to set your own price for gigs
  • Fiverr is one of the largest markets for digital services
  • Easy to set up your portfolio
  • Many gigs on Fiverr are cheap, which means you might be selling services for less than what they’re worth
  • Portfolio customization is lacking
  • Competition is high on Fiverr
Portfolio Text Message
  • A quick and easy way to share your portfolio with others
  • Ability to customize your portfolio
  • Mobile use is on the rise, which makes texting a great way to connect
  • This isn’t the most popular type of portfolio because it can be limiting in terms of how it’s shared. They are typically only shared through messenger chats
  • Design your PDF portfolio any way you like
  • Free to create
  • PDF files are secure, allowing you to confidently share your work
  • PDF files are compressed, which creates space on your hard drive
  • PDFs may be less engaging than other platforms
  • PDFs aren’t always accessible
  • PDF files are ideal for printing, but pages are commonly A3 or A4, making it hard to see each full page
Google Presentation
  • Offers an interesting way to present your portfolio
  • Easy to get started
  • Many features on Google Slides like adding text, images, and video
  • Free to use
  • May not offer the most seamless viewing experience
  • Google Slides isn’t the most powerful presentation software
  • There are limited themes
  • You may experience a formatting loss when importing your presentation
  • LinkedIn has an impressive network of professionals looking for SEO specialists
  • Signing up with LinkedIn is free
  • Customizing your profile is easy on the platform
  • LinkedIn offers more profile customizations compared to other social networking platforms
  • Due to its large network, you will face a lot of competitors on LinkedIn
  • You may need to upgrade your LinkedIn account to take advantage of other features
Facebook and Instagram
  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram attract a large audience, making them a great option for a portfolio
  • Creating your portfolio through social media is free and easy
  • Using social media as your only portfolio isn’t the best option since these platforms can only show so much
  • It can be difficult to get discovered through social media with all the traffic
  • There is great potential to tap into new markets using YouTube
  • Video is the most engaging form of media
  • YouTube has advanced metric tracking to see whether your page is gaining traffic
  • YouTube may not be the best option when it comes to creating an SEO portfolio since it’s only a video-sharing platform
  • Competition may be high, which means it could be difficult to gain visibility

If you want to showcase your work and land your next client, picking the best platform to showcase your work is essential. Here is a look at nine SEO portfolios to follow to help you get inspired.

1. Tiffany Davidson [Personal Website]

Tiffany Davidson's Portfolio
Tiffany Davidson’s intuitive and seamless portfolio.

Tiffany D. Davidson is a Squarespace SEO specialist. She helps her clients improve their Search engine optimization efforts and monetize their SEO sites through a variety of services.

Some services offered include intuitive and responsive website design, Squarespace SEO, and Squarespace monetization services. She also offers a Squarespace SEO expert course.

Tiffany Davidson's Website Homepage
Tiffany Davidson’s beautifully-crafted homepage immediately catches your attention and demontrates Tiffany’s professionalism.

Why Tiffany Davidson’s portfolio is a good example to follow: Tiffany’s page is a good example to follow for many reasons. To begin with, she offers a beautifully-crafted website design that highlights her professionalism and reflects the quality of her service.

On the home page of her website, you’ll notice that she shares positive reviews that she has received from previous clients, while simultaneously showing quality samples of the websites she created. With the combination of live samples and reviews, Tiffany makes it easier to build trust with potential clients who are interested in receiving a service.

Tiffany Davidson's Custom Squarespace Web Design and SEO Package
Positive reviews on Tiffany Davidson’s Custom Squarespace Web Design + SEO Package definately make you believe the quality of her services even more.

Her website samples appear as thumbnails on the home page. But once visitors hover over the thumbnail image, they’ll find that they can conveniently click on the attached link that brings them to the live version of the website.

Her website has a seamless design with an excellent visual hierarchy to help potential clients quickly find the information they need and inquire about services.

Key Takeaways

  • Seamless and Intuitive Website Design: Davidson’s website is easy to navigate with a seamless and intuitive design. Her website is responsive, with engaging thumbnails and live samples linked for viewers to interact.
  • A variety of SEO website templates: Tiffany’s portfolio highlights a variety of projects from several Squarespace website designs and website SEO.
  • Active Squarespace Blog: Davidson has an active blog that talks about Squarespace design, Squarespace SEO, and running an online business.

2. Victorious [Company Website]

Victorious is all about adding value to businesses. They do this by creating case studies for companies in several industries to help establish them as thought leaders.

Victorious Website
Victorious’s casual and minimalistic yet very balaced homepage design.

Victorious considers themselves a true market leader, and for good reason. They’re the only agency to win Agency of the Year from the US Search Awards and Search Engine Land. They also received Enterprise SEO Agency of the Year by Clutch.

Victorious Awards
A variety of awards showcases Victorious recognition and professionalism.

Victorious backs its studies with a wealth of performance data and market research. This allows them to create scientifically-proven search engine optimization strategies for its clients.

Case studies aren’t all that’s offered by the agency. They perform SEO audits, keyword research, and off-page SEO to help businesses have a more responsive website, increase visibility and create a foundation for business growth.

Victorious Cases
Victorious’s solution-based approach with case studies.

Why Victorious’s portfolio is a good example to follow:  What’s great about Victorious’s portfolio is that it is professional, seamless, and easy to navigate. Their website builds trust by establishing brand authority by highlighting awards and sharing positive reviews from their customers.

Victorious Reviews
Victorious 4+ star reviews from Clutch is another thing that helps build trust and authority.

They also showcase well-researched case studies from several industries. This doesn’t just show their experience but their range as a company.

Their website is easy to navigate with a professional design, uses a bold font, and offers a simple viewing experience for visitors.

Key Takeaways

  • A Variety of Case Studies: Victorious features a variety of case studies on its website, showing its extensive experience and range of clients.
  • Professional Website Design: The company uses bold typography and a simple interface to showcase its work.
  • A variety of services: Victorious offers several SEO services. Some of their services include website audits, keyword research, link building, and content services.

3. Jeff H. [Upwork]

Jeff H. dominates the Google space with his expertise in a variety of areas. He is experienced in Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager, with a background in web development.

Jeff H. Upwork Profile
Jeff H. keeps things simple and straightforward.

Jeff’s services can be broken down into two main categories: data analytics and search engine optimization. Within these categories, Jeff offers many services to help businesses understand their data and make improvements to their business.

When it comes to Google Analytics, Jeff provides services like search console linking, creating custom events, and importing conversions. He provides other services as well, such as eCommerce tracking for popular sites like Wix, WordPress, and Shopify.

Jeff H.'s Skills
Jeff H. demonstrates all of his skills to make the most of this platform.

For businesses that need help with Google Ads, Jeff provides services like basic campaign help and importing conversion actions from Google Analytics.

Why Jeff H.’s portfolio is a good example to follow: What’s great about his Upwork profile is that it’s scannable, includes relevant keywords, and clearly outlines his skills in search engine optimization.

While Upwork doesn’t provide much freedom for customization, he still organizes his Upwork profile by using bullet points that highlight his SEO skills in several areas.

His Upwork page also includes his previous projects on the platform and positive reviews from his clients. This is a great way to build trust and secure new clients.

Jeff H. Reviews
Postitive reviews in Jeff’s profile will help to attract new customers and make the final choice if they’re hesitant.

Key Takeways

  • Full Range of Services: Jeff offers several services related to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. These services help show his range as an SEO expert.
  • Easy-to-Scan Profile: Jeff breaks services into organized sections and uses bullet points to make his skills and services easily scannable.
  • Features Previous Work History and Testimonials: Jeff features his previous work history which shows the services he provided for his clients along with testimonials.

4. RankHarvest [Fiverr]

Rankharvest is a Google SEO Consultant and Algorithm Expert. He offers several services, including keyword ranking for local SEO Google Maps, SEO backlinks, consultations, and more. He has worked with high-profile clients but offers several services for the average business.


Rankharvest fiverr profile
RankHarvest leverages high-profile clients.

Why Simon RankHarvest’s portfolio is a good example to follow: What’s great about Rankharvest’s Fiverr profile is that it highlights his experience working with previous clients like Playstation and the Baltimore Ravens. He also provides a quick overview of the results he produced for these clients with links to the work he did for these companies.

Rankharvest portfolio
In the portfolio, RankHarvest highlights this experience working with such clients as Playstation and Baltimore Ravens.

He is considered a top-rated seller, which helps him build authority and trust with his clients. He also offers a wide selection of search engine optimization services to help clients improve their rank and increase their online presence.

Rankharvest reviews
Having your portfolio on Fiverr is a great opportunity to highlight your previous experience, your educational background and showcase customer reviews.

Fiverr doesn’t offer many opportunities for sellers to create customized profiles. Fiverr’s layout is set up in a way that enables sellers to feature their gigs rather than highlight their work.

But Rankharvest leverages the platform by effectively utilizing the space to establish himself as the expert and highlight services.

For instance, he uses the tagline to clearly state his expertise. He also takes advantage of the image slideshow feature for each gig to show screenshots of reviews, results, and sample reports.

Rankharvest Slideshow
Image slideshow is a good way to visually demonstrate outstanding results.

Key Takeaways

  • Case Studies from High-Profile Clients: He offers a quick overview of the results he was able to achieve for his high-profile clients
  • Professional Profile Design: Rankharvest shares extensive work experience on his Fiverr profile while keeping it organized and easy to read.
  • Features Various Project Types: Rankharvest offers several types of Fiverr gigs that help clients improve their search engine optimization. He also provides single services and packages.


About the company: SAG IPL takes a different approach to showcasing its work. They used an intuitive PDF file format to show the results they are driving their clients.

SAG IPL PDF Portfolio
SAG IPL’s PDF format portfolio is another option for a portfolio that is super easy to share.

This company is focused on helping its clients create a functional and visible website that increases their client’s online presence and drives traffic to produce sales. It’s clear that SAG IPL is all about showing proof, which is why they showcase the new and improved page rankings of web pages they’ve worked on for previous clients.

SAG IPL Improved Page Rankings
SAG IPL showcase thier improved page rankings and share the exact numbers that we all want to see when it comes to showing proof.

Why SAG IPL’s portfolio is a good example to follow: What makes SAG IPL great is that its portfolio is straightforward. With their result-driven approach, they can quickly show clients why they’re the best for the job. They have worked with clients in a variety of industries, including health, law, and tech. Although their PDF doesn’t include any sample images of their work, they provide website information for their clients.

SAG IPL Portfolio
SAG IPL takes a result-driven approach.

Their PDF file also includes various ways for you to contact them and learn more about their services. You can contact them through Whatsapp, message them on telegram, video call them on skype, email, or call them. For potential clients ready to take the next step, they can easily contact SAG IPL to learn more about their services.

SAG IPI PDF Contact Details
Having various ways to contact significantly increases the chance of connecting.

Key Takeaways

  • Seamless PDF Design: SAF IPL’s PDF format is simple and easy to read. This makes it easy for clients to quickly scan results.
  • Straightforward Case Studies: SAG IPL takes a result-driven approach to highlight accomplishments. The PDF shows the results of their work to help win clients over.
  • Several Clients and Projects: This company has worked with a diverse group of clients to help improve their rank. They have experience working with tech companies, law, health companies, and more.

6. Justin Poblete [LinkedIn]

Justine Poblete is an SEO specialist for SaaS companies and local businesses. Poblete also provides technical search engine optimization services. He’s also a Google My Business Consultant, search engine optimization consultant, and front-end designer and developer.

Justine Poblete LinkedIn Profile
Justin Poblete keeps it simple with social.

Whether you need an audit of your website or would like a search engine optimization strategy to improve your website performance, Poblete has the skills and experience to assist.

In his About section, Poblete states that he has worked with both local and international businesses in different niches to help them with search engine optimization. His international experience enables him to tap into a larger audience and gives him a competitive edge.

About Justine Poblete
Justine writes about every piece of experience and shares a portfolio on Google Drive – this approach will help his potential customers to know him better.

Why Justine Poblete’s portfolio is a good example to follow: What’s great about Poblete is that his LinkedIn profile is personable, while effectively highlighting his skills and experience through the use of bullet points. Poblete holds a variety of certificates related to search engine optimization and has an extensive work history in the industry.

Poblete doesn’t just use LinkedIn to showcase his work experience. He leverages the social platform to attract new customers. On his LinkedIn page, you’ll also find a Google Drive link to his portfolio and a link to his professional website where you can learn more about his search engine optimization services.

Justine Poblete PDF Portfolio
It’s good to have on hand a portfolio on your Google Drive – there’s nothing easier than just send a link to your portfolio whenever you need to share it.

Key Takeaways

  • Professional LinkedIn Profile: Poblete has a quality LinkedIn profile that highlights his offerings. He also has an engaging header that states what he provides and relevant links.
  • Active LinkedIn Page: Poblete manages to keep maintain an active LinkedIn page. He consistently reposts relevant content on his page to keep help keep his audience engaged.
  • A Variety of Services: Poblete offers a variety of services for SaaS companies and local businesses. Some services include consultations and front-end design/development.

7. Josh Hamit [Instagram]

Josh Hamit is an SEO Consultant, Marketer, and advertiser. He has helped more than 400 service-based businesses generate over 200 million in sales through search engine optimization. He is also the founder of Improve My Search Ranking.

Josh Hamit Instagram Profile
Josh Hamit: social dominance.

Why Josh Hamit’s portfolio is a good example to follow: Instagram is primarily a visual platform, but what’s great about Hamit is that he makes full use of his Instagram page by putting relevant information in all the right places and maintains a professional appearance on the platform. Hamit has a high-quality headshot with a clear and concise message that allows viewers to identify who he is and what he offers.

Hamit utilizes his tagline to help establish himself as a search engine optimization expert. He leads his tagline with the number of businesses he’s helped and the revenue he was able to generate. This doesn’t just show his extensive experience but motivates potential clients to reach out about service.

Josh Hamit Instagram Posts
Josh’s SEO-focused posts show his professionalism and passion about what he does.

He also provides a link to his personal website in his profile. This allows potential clients to easily navigate from his Instagram page to his site to learn more about his services. He also places captions on his images and videos to give users an idea of what his post is about.

Improve My Search Rankings Website
Josh Hamit provides a link to his marketing agency website, so we can make sure he’s a pro.

Key Takeaway

  • Consistent Instagram Content: Habit maintains an active Instagram page to help him connect with his audience. He provides both text posts and video content.
  • Quality and Engaging Instagram Profile: His Instagram page is professional, yet personable to appeal to a social media audience. Habit clearly displays his offerings with links to his other pages.
  • A Variety of SEO Services: He provides a range of services, including keyword research, keyword optimization, local SEO, and more.

8. Aleyda Solis [Facebook]

Aleyda Solis is an International SEO Consultant. She provides search engine optimization and growth marketing tips in English and Spanish, which sets her apart from her competitors and enables her to reach a wider market compared to some other experts in the field. She has a professional and inviting headshot and a simple Facebook page that’s free of clutter and focuses directly on her services.

Aleyda Solis Facebook Profile
Aleyda Solis uses a bilingual niche.

Why Aleyda Solis’s portfolio is a good example to follow: What’s great about Solis is that she highlights the fact that she is a bilingual search engine optimization consultant. She has a specific skill set that not only targets a niche audience but makes her a valuable asset as a search engine optimization consultant for international businesses.

Solis keeps her Facebook page casual, but she prioritizes building trust by maintaining an active Facebook page. In fact, she showcases the many ways she’s helping her clients. Some content you can find on her Facebook page includes information about search engine optimization growth, common errors with search engine optimization, creating workflows, and more.

Aleyda Solis Facebook Posts
Aleyda’s Facebook profile is full of SEO-related info to showcase her expertise.

Facebook isn’t the only platform she uses to showcase her skills and experience. She also provides a direct link to her website in her header where potential clients can learn more about her consultations, speaking engagements, and more.

Aleyda Solis Website
Aleyda Solis provides a link to her minimalistic yet very polished website to let her potential clients know more about what she does.

Key Takeaways

  • A Wide Selection of Business Services: Solis offers a variety of SEO services with a Bilingual niche. This enables her to be an International consultant and gives her a competitive edge.
  • Simple Facebook Navigation: Solis has a simple Facebook page with clear details. This makes it easy to find essential information.
  • Active Facebook Profile: Solis’s Facebook page is kept up to date with informative videos, charts, and other relevant information. Her active page is a great way to build trust and keep her audience engaged.

9. Simon Hogben [YouTube]

Simon Hogben is an SEO Consultant helping clients get ranked on the search engine. He takes a more casual approach to showcasing his skills and experience by incorporating YouTube videos. His videos range in topics from web optimization, to social media, and more.

Simon Hogben YouTube Channel
Simon Hogben leverages a seamless video portfolio.

He also includes videos discussing current services he offers, and limited-time specials. This is a great way to keep his audience abreast of what he’s doing and can encourage passive viewers to take action on a service he’s offering.

Simon Hogben YouTube Video
Videos are great for perfoming services you’re offering.

Why Simon Hogben’s portfolio is a good example to follow: What’s great about Hogben is that his YouTube content is personable and relatable, but still maintains professionalism. YouTube is an informative platform, but it’s also entertaining. He uses this to his advantage by providing his audience with quick videos that help his audience reach their digital marketing goals.

He shares valuable information that is relevant to the needs of his audience and builds trust through consistent content creation. In fact, you will find Hoben creating traditional video content on YouTube, but he also consistently uploads shorts and lives.

In addition to his YouTube page, he offers a link to his professional website in the header of his profile that focuses on growing your local business with inbound marketing.

Simon Hogben Website
Simon incorporates different platforms for performing his competencies and provies a link to his professional website.

Key Takeaways

  • Consistent Video Creation: Hogben focuses on creating a personal connection with his audience by consistently sharing information.
  • A Wide Selection of Informative Videos: He provides various informative videos related to his services. This helps establish him as a thought leader and connect with his audience.
  • Professional and Seamless YouTube Page: Hogben does a nice job of creating a professional and seamless page appearance. He offers a professional profile photo, an engaging header, and a link to his website.

Tips for Creating an SEO Portfolio

Creating a portfolio for search engine optimization begins with the right tips. Regardless of what platform you choose to showcase your work, it’s essential to use the best strategies that are going to highlight your experience, set you apart from your competitors, show your professionalism, and help you build a lucrative career in the industry.

Here are some tips to help you create a portfolio that’s sure to leave an impression:

  • Include Practical Experience: Effectively highlighting your experience is key to a successful SEO portfolio. Don’t shy away from including relevant information that supports your expertise. Include companies you’ve worked with, private clients, and any agencies.
  • Include Theoretical Experience: If you don’t have any practical experience working in the industry, that’s okay. You can still showcase your abilities by gathering all of your knowledge and adding a successful practical example. But to start gaining experience, consider working as an assistant or optimizing small projects for free.
  • Case studies: Including case studies go a long way when showcasing your work. When including case studies, be sure to include pertinent details, such as the website information, region for promotion (if you have experience in multi-lingual website optimization), time on promotion, optimization activities, search engine optimization efficiency, and the benefits to the clients.
  • Use Numbers and percentages: Your work examples are an essential part of showing what you can do. To make your examples more attractive, use numbers and percentages to highlight results. Did you increase site traffic for a client within a certain amount of time? Be sure to include the percentage of new traffic for more effectiveness.
  • Graphs and Illustrations: Similarly, use graphs and illustrations to attract attention and reinforce your results. Many people are visual learners and too much text can potentially overwhelm potential clients. Graphs, charts, and other illustrations can effectively demonstrate the positive dynamics of your optimization and allow potential clients to quickly see the results you provide.
  • Custom Website Design: If you’re using a website, be sure that it is a custom, professionally-made, website that builds trust and successfully highlights your experience. A good web design will include key features, such as an effective visual design, easy navigation, visual hierarchy, easy access to information, and web and mobile responsiveness. There are many quality templates that you can use or you can hire a professional to create one for you.
  • Reviews: Positive reviews reassure potential clients that they can trust you to provide them with the service they are looking for. If you have any reviews, be sure to include them on your website.

There are many creative ways to make your work stand out. Be sure to incorporate these helpful tips when showcasing your work.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating an SEO portfolio that wins, take a look at this video. It teaches specialists how to make a statement with their portfolio using simple design tips.


For those in the search engine optimization industry, having a page to showcase your work is crucial to giving you a competitive edge and connecting with potential clients. Leverage a portfolio to establish yourself as an expert, land your next dream client, and grow your business.

P.S. I’m looking forward to your best SEO portfolio examples. Feel free to drop them in the comments below, and I might add them to the list 😉

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