16 SEO-Friendly Content Pillar Page Examples for Roof-Breaking Traffic and Lead Generation

If you’re looking for examples of pillar pages, you most certainly would like to create your own. And rightly so.

This topic-cluster methodology can have far-reaching benefits for inbound marketing, SEO optimization, lead generation, and more — providing an effective platform to drive appreciable results.

According to Content Marketing Institute, there are 3 commonly used pillar page types:

  • 10x content pillar page. Its format is similar to an ungated e-book or a guide. It solves both search engines and site visitors. Search engines recognize the clustering of like-themed content pointing to a comprehensive website page or blog post. Site visitors benefit because they can view your content before deciding to commit to downloading it.
  • Resource pillar page. It’s a reference page of valuable like-themed links. There are three types of resource pages: external-focused pages, brand-focused resource pages, and series of related pages.
  • Product or service pillar page. This page answers the questions your company is regularly asked about. It’s descriptive but not overly so.

I’m not shy to say that I’ve done my best to collect examples of pillar pages of various types and from various industries for you. With each example, I share what makes them effective and what you can borrow to create your own masterpiece.

So, let’s dive into the world of examples for inspiration on crafting your own pillar page.

16 Content Pillar Examples
Name What’s Inside Results

1. Zapier’s Guide to Working Remotely

B2B SaaS, Marketing

  • Clear article structure and navigation
  • Added media materials
  • Only the information you need
  • Monthly traffic: 520
  • Reffering domains: 1.2K
  • Main KW position: 1
2. Elementor’s Guide on Web Design Style Guide

B2B SaaS, Web Design

  • Free templates
  • No special URL structure
  • Detailed and structured navigation
  • Monthly traffic: 1.8K
  • Reffering domains: 71
  • Main KW position: 1
3. Diet Doctor’s Keto Diet Guide for Beginners

B2C SaaS, Healthy Lifestyle

  • Navigation both in the beginning and in the sections
  • A mixed approach to building attachment page URLs
  • Additional materials (flyers, printable guides)
  • Monthly traffic: 528K
  • Reffering domains: 41
  • Main KW position: 4
4. Yoga Journal’s A-Z Directory of Yoga Poses

Media, Healthy Lifestyle

  • A table to organize resources
  • Silo structure
  • Unobtrusive advertising
  • Monthly traffic: 16K
  • Reffering domains: 623
  • Main KW position: 1
5. Tofugu’s Learning Japanese Guide

Media, Education

  • A clear hierarchy of the page’s parts
  • Original custom pictures
  • Suggested additional resources and tools
  • Monthly traffic: 46.3K
  • Reffering domains: 383
  • Main KW position: 1
6. Muscle & Strength’s Workout Database

E-Commerce, Sports

  • Page personalization
  • Categories promotion
  • Free materials
  • Monthly traffic: 197K
  • Reffering domains: 887
  • Main KW position: 1
7. Wine 101’s Beginner’s Guide to Wine

Media, Food

  • User-friendly design
  • The course and products promotion
  • Brief and to the point
  • Monthly traffic: 47.9K
  • Reffering domains: 342
  • Main KW position: 1
8. Atlassian’s Guide to Agile Development

B2B SaaS, IT

  • Double navigation
  • Properly arranging content
  • Monthly traffic: 858K
  • Reffering domains: 8.4K
  • Main KW position: 3
9. Shopify’s Guide on How to Sell on Amazon

E-Commerce, Marketplaces

  • Screenshots for ranking
  • Free webinar and guide
  • Links inserted in the content
  • Monthly traffic: 12.3K
  • Reffering domains: 461
  • Main KW position: 6
10. Later’s Page on Instagram Guides

B2B & B2C SaaS, Social Media

  • Screenshots for user-friendlier page structure
  • Sticky navigation
  • Monthly traffic: 7.7K
  • Reffering domains: 235
  • Main KW position: 1
11. Stripe’s Documentation

B2B & B2C SaaS, Finance

  • All the documentation for a product in one place
  • Less text, more usability
  • A detailed description of the product possibilities
  • Monthly traffic: 376K
  • Reffering domains: 18.5K
  • Main KW position: 1
12. Wild We Wander’s DIY Truck Camper Guide

Media, Travelling

  • Embeded posts from social networks for page ranking
  • Live photos and videos as E-A-T factors
  • Inserted videos from the YouTube-channel for both the page and the channel promotion
  • Monthly traffic: 1.7К
  • Reffering domains: 106
  • Main KW position: 1
13. Audubon’s Guide to North American Birds

Media, Nature

  • Include audio recordings for user-engagement
  • The structured data should be marked up with schema
  • A search box within your paget affects the user experience
  • Monthly traffic: 11К
  • Reffering domains: 991
  • Main KW position: 1
14. The Mailshake’s Cold Email Masterclass

B2B SaaS, Marketing

  • Suggest options for accessing content (online, pdf, etc.)
  • A handy table of contents with a summary of the chapter content
  • Monthly traffic: 311
  • Reffering domains: 540
  • Main KW position: 2
15. Rochester Homes’ Guide to Buying a Modular Home

B2C, Construction

  • Suggest options for accessing content (online, pdf, etc.)
  • A handy table of contents with a summary of the chapter content
  • Monthly traffic: 311
  • Reffering domains: 540
  • Main KW position: 2
16. ESI’s Guide on Metal Stamping

B2B & B2C, Manufacturing

  • The more unique the image, the better it ranks
  • Illustrate what you’re talking about with a video
  • Customer testimonials can help you increase your trustworthiness
  • Monthly traffic: 2K
  • Reffering domains: 53
  • Main KW position: 1

Alright, it’s time to start explaining why I chose these particular pages and some of their features you can take note of.

1. Zapier’s Guide to Working Remotely

Zapier's Ultimate Guide to Remote Work

Monthly Organic Traffic: 520

Main Keyword: remote work guide

Position: 1

Volume: 50

Referring domains: 1,2K

Attached pages: 59

Pillar Page Type: resource

Total Word Count: 1192

This pillar page from Zapier provides a comprehensive overview of remote work, with content pillars ranging from the basics to more advanced topics. The visuals and concise yet informative writing make this pillar page an ideal resource for those looking to learn about all aspects of remote working, from setting up your workspace to collaborating effectively with team members.

Zapier uses this pillar page not only as a source of information but also for its marketing purposes.

How Does Zapier Use Its Pillar Page?

Under The Learning Center, there are guides that Zapier uses for lead generation. At the bottom of each guide is an application form for a free trial. Zapier also uses the guides to increase brand awareness (all the guides are branded) and leads through the sales funnel.

The Guide-Book Can Be Downloaded in 4 Formats
The guide-book leads warmed-up customers immediately to the trial, and those who are still in the thinking stage, forces them to subscribe to the newsletter

Thus, the pillar page becomes a link in the chain of marketing funnel.

Why Zapier’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

Here are some aspects I particularly like about this page:

  • Clear article structure and navigation that makes it easy to open the section of interest.
  • Only the information you need: no long texts, just the title, a brief description of the section and links right away.
  • Additional related articles: in addition to the lists of pages, Zapier offers additional information on the topic.
  • Added media materials to the page with the ability to download in various formats.

This page also shows us that it is not necessary to have the classic URL structure (/topic/sub-topic/article) in order to combine articles into one pillar page. You can simply combine the articles into thematic blocks.

Organic Traffic

Thoughtful work on the page brought great results, traffic began to appear instantly. The page quickly made it to the 1st position on Google and is still there even after several years. The max traffic was in 2020 — about 2K users.

Zapier's Page Organic Traffic
As you can see from Ahrefs statistics, the page traffic has grown to 1,000 organic users per day in just three months

Organic Keywords

According to many of the keywords, the page is in the first position. This provides a continuous growth of traffic.

Zapier's Page Organic Keywords
The pillar page structure helps to collect a huge key cluster on a single page

Referring Domains

Also, this pillar page is a great link generator. Such a page serves as an excellent resource of diverse information, so it can be referenced not only as a guide, but also as a source of a particular resource. Zapier’s pillar page has about 800 content links from DR>50.

Zapier's Page Referring Domains
At the moment, the total number of referring domains is more than 2,400

Key Takeaways

  • The design and content of the page as simple as possible, the reader immediately gets access to the information they are looking for
  • Create videos and embed them to your PP: this will help you rank and prove your expertise (greetings E-A-T)
  • Additional e-books and guides as lead generators

2. Elementor’s Guide on Web Design Style Guide

Elementor's Guide on Web Design Style Guide

Monthly Organic Traffic: 1.8K

Main Keyword: style guide for website

Position: 1

Volume: 500

Referring domains: 71

Attached pages: 14

Pillar Page Type: 10X content

Total Word Count: 2620

On Elementor’s blog, they have a comprehensive guide to building your own custom style guide that outlines why you need one and how to create it.

How Does Elementor Use Its Pillar Page?

As in the case of Zapier, the Pillar Page has a place in the sales funnel, namely influencing the potential buyer in the early stages of the sales funnel.

In several places on the page are advertising banners that lead to the purchase of the website builder. In this way, Elementor increases conversions to its landing page.

Elementor's Advertising Banner
Elementor offers to use its website builder to work with website styles

There are also many other guides on the Elementor’s website, which indicates the effectiveness of the pillar page structure. It draws traffic perfectly.

Why Elementor’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

Especially in Elementor’s pillar page, I like its functionality. It includes:

  • a step-by-step creation of a style guide;
  • a free template;
  • a newsletter subscription form;
  • advertising (banners) of Elementor’s website builder.

A table with navigation through the article also fits perfectly. It takes the reader straight to the block of the article you are interested in.

Elementor's Table of Contents
The user can go directly to the section of interest without long searching

The selection of added pages is also noteworthy. They are all related by web design theme, but, as in the previous example, are not related by URL structure (/blog/article/).

Organic Traffic

In the two years since the article was published, we have seen an even and smooth increase in traffic, which shows that the pillar page system works great. A surge in traffic is seen in the summer of 2022 — about 2.5K users. Perhaps at that time the page is somehow promoted in the search engine.

Elementor's Page Organic Traffic
All in all, such traffic figures are a great result for the web design niche, especially considering the constant growth of traffic

Organic Keywords

Despite the fact that this page does not have a lot of keywords, they are mostly with volume 100-500. In addition, for these keywords the page is on the first positions, which provides a constant flow of traffic.

The keywords are targeted, then there is a high probability that the visitor of the page will later purchase an Elementor product.

Elementor's Page Organic Keywords
Keywords are predominantly non-branded, indicating a good elaboration of the page

Referring Domains

The small number of referring domains is due to the specifics of the niche. The page is linked to by such powerful resources as Flipboard and Zippia. In addition, the number of domains is constantly growing.

Elementor's Page Referring Domains
Judging by the graph, there was no sharp decline in link mass

Key Takeaways

  • Templates will increase your brand awareness and prove expertise in your industry
  • It is not necessary to make a complex URL structure, it is enough to pick up thematic articles from the blog
  • Detailed and structured navigation has a positive impact on the user experience

3. Diet Doctor’s Keto Diet Guide for Beginners

Diet Doctor's Keto Diet Guide for Beginners

Monthly Organic Traffic: 528K

Main Keyword: keto diet

Position: 4

Volume: 416K

Referring domains: 71

Attached pages: 74

Pillar Page Type: 10X content

Total Word Count: 3724

The pillar page on the keto diet guide by Diet Doctor provides a comprehensive overview of all you need to know about this dietary approach. The page is divided into sections, each discussing a different aspect of the ketogenic diet and its implementation.

How Does Diet Doctor Use Its Pillar Page?

Once again, the sales funnel. Since Diet Doctor is still a commercial site, it uses its information pages to promote its paid services.

The site team takes a personalized approach to getting targeted action. In the screenshot below, you can see a banner offering to order a personalized meal plan and three buttons. Being able to select and receive a unique product increases conversions many times over (I even almost ordered a meal plan myself).

Personalized Meal Plan Banner
The banner takes you to a form with further clarifying questions

Another type of banner is located in the middle of the page and at the end (under the text of the article). The intention here is straightforward: get a 3-day trial, followed by a paid subscription.

Free 3-Day Trial Banner
The button takes us to a page detailing the offer, illustrated with examples of success

Why Diet Doctor’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

I find this pillar page from the Diet Doctor fantastic as it combines a lot of features.

Free materials in different formats that help give out for different keys and keep users coming back to the site time and time again.

Free Leaflet on Keto Diet
Free charts and guides make the portal popular among dietitians as well as ordinary Web users

The information on the page covers ALL aspects of the keto diet. Again, the keyword cluster increases many times over.

Related Content Section
You just don’t have a chance to get past all the related material

In the right sidebar is replaced by a block with short answers to basic questions the reader may have. Then a link takes you to a more detailed answer located in the article itself.

And one of the most important things is proof of expertise. The guide is written by medical professionals, which is stated at the very beginning of the article. the reader can verify this by going to the specialist’s profile. This is VERY helpful in search engine optimization (E-A-T concept).

Organic Traffic

The nutrition niche is extremely popular among web users. High-quality content attracts a huge number of users, so traffic has been at a high level for several years.

Diet Doctor's Page Organic Traffic
A surge in traffic is seen in the first half of 2019 — almost 3M

Organic Keywords

Although the page is not in the first position for the main keyword, it does not prevent the resource to occupy the top 1 in Google for other, less frequent requests. The page has accumulated a huge cluster of keywords on the keto diet (over 70K), which allows it to appear in many search queries.

Diet Doctor's Page Organic Keywords
The page is in the first position for less frequent keywords related to additional content

Referring Domains

The detailed content porosity resulted in material that you want to link to. The growth of referring domains occurs gradually, which is favorably perceived by search engines and allows to keep its position in the search engine results for a long time.

Diet Doctor's Page Referring Domains
Currently, the page is referring to 431 domains with DR>50

Key Takeaways

  • A personalized approach to the target action on the pillar page
  • A mixed approach to building attachment page URLs: both adding separate subpages for that particular pillar page (SILO structure) and just articles from the blog
  • Additional materials (flyers, printable guides) help the page rank
  • Navigation not only in the beginning of the article, but also in the sections themselves

4. Yoga Journal’s A-Z Directory of Yoga Poses

Yoga Journal's A-Z Directory of Yoga Poses

Monthly Organic Traffic: 16K

Main Keyword: list of yoga poses

Position: 1

Volume: 450

Referring domains: 623

Attached pages: 141

Pillar Page Type: resource

Total Word Count: 1317

The Yoga Journal’s page is a resource page offering a comprehensive guide to yoga poses.

The page is divided into two main sections: Beginner Poses and Advanced Poses. Each section contains listings for a variety of poses, including seated poses, standing poses, postures that require balance or flexibility, and inverted poses.

How Does Yoga Journal Use Its Pillar Page?

Since the site is an online magazine, the primary goal of the conversion is to get a subscription. That’s why there is a banner on the site pages with an offer to subscribe to news and additional information about yoga.

Yoga Journal Newsletter Banner
The banner has a nice design and unobtrusive newsletter offer

The main commercial banner of the page is the Outside+ ad, c through which you can subscribe online to several magazines at once (including Yoga Journal).

Outside + Commercial Banner
The commercial banner is placed very correctly in terms of user experience

The banner does not distract from the main information of the page and thus does not cause a negative reaction from users.

Why Yoga Journal’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

Well, what I like first and foremost is the MINIMUM of advertisements on the page. And the one that is there is placed after the main information of the page. What I mean by that is that the user gets the information they came to the page for first, and then the advertising information.

The second is the ease of navigation. Catalog of yoga poses is designed as a table (two tables, to be exact).

List of Yoga Poses
The links in the table take you to sections or individual pages of yoga poses

I also like the systematic approach to creating pages, namely the clear construction of Silo structure. You can trace the hierarchy of the pages.

Organic Traffic

Traffic figures are stable (except for one major spike when it doubled), indicating quality content that regularly brings new organic users from search to the page. The maximum traffic was 32K organic users per month.

Yoga Journal's Page Organic Traffic
Traffic peaked at the beginning of 2021 — twice higher than now

Organic Keywords

Based on the keywords we can conclude that the traffic is mostly non-branded, which is a pretty good indicator for the site. The page gathered 1.7K keywords.

Yoga Journal's Page Organic Keywords
As you can see from the table, keywords are mostly medium (200 to 1,500)

Referring Domains

The resource began to be referenced almost immediately after the release of the page. Since then the number of referring domains is constantly growing, indicating the effectiveness of the page structure.

Yoga Journal's Page Referring Domains
Now the pillar page has more than 70 domains with DR >50

Key Takeaways

  • A table is a great way to organize information or resources
  • Silo structure perfectly helps in building a hierarchy of pages on the site
  • Users like unobtrusive advertising more

5. Tofugu’s Learning Japanese Guide

Tofugu's Learning Japanese Guide

Monthly Organic Traffic: 46.3K

Main Keyword: learn japanese

Position: 1

Volume: 11К

Referring domains: 383

Attached pages: 15

Pillar Page Type: 10x content

Total Word Count: 6710

This pillar page from Tofugu is an incredibly comprehensive resource for learning Japanese. The site provides a variety of learning tools and resources, such as articles, books, grammar guides, quizzes, vocabulary workbooks and flash cards.

How Does Tofugu Use Its Pillar Page?

Since tofugu is primarily an educational portal, the main purpose of this page is to share Japanese learning experiences with readers. However, the creators do not forget to promote their resource as well.

For example, at the beginning of this article, they invite readers to sign up for their email newsletter and subscribe to them on social networks.

Tofugu's Subscription Request
Tofugu politely and unobtrusively addresses their readers, explaining the value of subscribing to their newsletter

It’s also likely that they get a stream of new listeners to their podcast from organic search. You’re attracted to these guys too, aren’t you? I’m almost running to learn Japanese!

Tofugu's Podcast
You can check out the podcast on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts

Why Tofugu’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

As you have already realized, I am a big fan of clear page structure. And these guys have made me absolutely ecstatic!

Table of Contents
They have three levels of points in the table of contents, so you can easily find the information you need and understand the hierarchy of items

Now a few words about the components of this page. The atached pages look like this:

Tofugu's Attached Pages
Hyperlink takes you to the destination page

They are not related to the pillar page structure, but they all come from the same section (/japanese/+ article name/). So the guide can safely be called a summary page that combines many of the articles on the site.

But most of all I loved the original illustrations (I bet they were custom made especially for this site). They bring a special style to the resource.

Organic Traffic

The traffic graph can hardly be called homogeneous: interest in the topic increases depending on the season (most often it happens at the end of the year, and the decline is at the beginning of the next year (New Year’s resolutions to learn languages?😂).

Tofugu's Page Organic Traffic
The highest traffic was seen in January 2021, when it reached almost 60K users per month

Organic Keywords

The page is in the first position for almost all the keywords related to learning Japanese. Moreover, the level of competition for these queries is pretty high.

All in all, the page has collected about 6K organic keywords.

Tofugu's Page Organic Keywords
Keyword queries have a fairly high volume and competition, although Japanese is not one of the most popular languages to learn in the U.S.

Referring Domains

What can I say, the page (and the site itself) is really great, so the number of referring domains is growing tirelessly. Moreover, the page is linked to by such powerful resources as Reddit, Medium, Duolingo, and many others.

Tofugu's Page Referring Domains
Tofugu’s pillar page has more than 70 domains with DR >50 (almost a quarter of the total!)

Key Takeaways

  • Original custom pictures are not only liked by users, but also by Google (helps to rank)
  • Suggest additional resources and tools (if it is a trusted resource, you plus from Google)
  • A clear hierarchy of the page’s parts rules!

6. Muscle & Strength’s Free Workout Database

Muscle & Strength's Free Workout Database

Monthly Organic Traffic: 197K

Main Keyword: workout routine

Position: 1

Volume: 60K

Referring domains: 887

Attached pages: 47

Pillar Page Type: resource

Total Word Count: 4302

This pillar page on Muscle & Strength is focused on helping users find the right workout routine to fit their goals. It provides a comprehensive catalog of workout routines, categorized by muscle group and workout type, as well as frequently asked questions related to strength and fitness.

How Does Muscle & Strength Use Its Pillar Page?

Despite the fact that the site is an online store, there are no product banners in the article: a truly free database.

The only suggestion is to sign up for a newsletter with more information.

Weekly Newsletter Suggestion

Thus, I conclude that the page is used to gain the trust of a loyal audience and bring potential buyers to the online store through informational search queries.

Why Muscle & Strength’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

The most significant thing that I like about this page is that not only individual articles are attached (and accordingly pumped), but categories (20, to be exact) as well. The reader is presented with a convenient catalog in which he can choose a suitable option for himself and study in more detail already a specific subject of interest to him.

Workout Categories Menu
Adding categories works great not only in terms of SEO, but also makes the directory user-friendly: no need for a long search for the right topic from the list, check out only what you need

Individual workout program pages have also been added. The design and descriptions of these articles are particularly noteworthy. Under each article block (picture + text with description) there are three qualifying points: fitness level, gender, and training frequency.

Best Workouts Menu
I think this personalization is a great idea, because only targeted users go to the page

Organic Traffic

In 2022, traffic to the page increased fourfold! That’s an amazing result. Perhaps at this time, work was done to update the content and optimize the structure of the page.

Muscle & Strength's Organic Traffic
Now the traffic is at its peak — almost 200K organic users

Organic Keywords

The page has collected a huge cluster of keys, and the traffic from them comes not branded. This is an excellent indicator, given the competition for these search queries. All in all, there are about 7K organic keywords.

Muscle & Strength's Organic Keywords
The average keyword competition (KD) on this page is 70, which is extremely high

Referring Domains

The number of referring domains grows rather smoothly and not so fast. The graph looks like a ladder, maybe page promotion was used. Almost 1K reffering domains is such a great result.

Muscle & Strength's Referring Domains
Muscle & Strength’s pillar page has 84 domains with DR >50 (less than 10% of the total)

Key Takeaways

  • Pump up not only individual articles but entire categories (sections)
  • Personalize pages (who will be interested in this material), so you will bring the target users from the pillar page to the attached pages
  • Share free materials, it builds trust and attracts potential new customers

7. Wine 101 Beginner’s Guide to Wine

Monthly Organic Traffic: 47.9K

Main Keyword: wine guide

Position: 1

Volume: 900

Referring domains: 342

Attached pages: 54

Pillar Page Type: resource

Total Word Count: 1038

This pillar page on wine basics for beginners is an excellent guide for those interested in learning more about wine.

The page structure consists of a summary that acts as an introduction to the guide, before delving into each topic in further detail. This pillar page is designed to help readers navigate through the various topics, providing comprehensive information on all aspects of wine.

How Does Wine 101 Use Its Pillar Page?

The main thing the resource promotes is an online course on the basics of wine. The creators of the portal also offer to subscribe to the newsletter and get a discount on the purchase of the course on this pillar page.

Wine 101 Course Discount Banner
This is done very delicately: after a list of useful articles for those wishing to understand wine

Wine 101 also offers users to buy a paper book of their own authorship. The link takes you to the company’s online store, where you can buy everything connected to wine.

Wine Folly Book Banner

Thus, the page is used quite clearly for sales with a quick transaction cycle.

By the way, the site includes the guides page, which is a great lead generator.

Why Wine 101’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

I’ll be honest: This is one of my favorite examples of pillar paging that I talk about in my article. I’ll explain why in a moment.

First, I like the clear sorting of pages by industry. And it doesn’t just happen in terms of text, but it also shows in the design. Also, the sections themselves were designed just fine: the title, the section description, the list of related pages, and a thematic picture on the side.

Wine Basics Section
Very comfortable looking and easy to distinguish sections. User-friendly, just the way I like it

Secondly, I like how seamlessly their product advertisements fit into the guide. It’s like a part of it that doesn’t get in the way or distract from reading.

I also really like the fact that this guide is not cluttered with text. There are only 1000 words in the whole guide, but does the user get all the information they need? Yes, he does.

Organic Traffic

The traffic graph is smooth with rare spikes.

Traffic started to drop in 2018, but it started to rise again at the end of 2022. I believe this is due to updated content on the page.

Wine 101's Page Organic Traffic
The maximum traffic was observed in 2018, but now they have a chance to beat its own record

Organic Keywords

We can also observe a very interesting sample of keywords: among them, there are both branded and non-branded. For all the keywords except the first position (but it would be too fairy-tale to get first place for the query “wine”, wouldn’t it?). The page has collected about 1K organic keywords.


Wine 101's Page Organic Keywords
Keyword competition is also quite high, but still lower than that of many other pages on my list

Referring Domains

The situation with referring domains also looks quite optimistic: for 9 years, the graph is gradually growing with a slight decrease from time to time.

Wine 101's Page Referring Domains
Wine 101’s pillar page has 262 domains with DR >50

In addition, about 70 percent of all referring domains have a rating greater than 50, which helps the page for many years to remain at the top of the search results.

Key Takeaways

  • Design the page first and foremost for your reader
  • Pillar Page is a great way to promote your courses and products, as it brings a lot of targeted traffic to your product
  • Talk only about the point: big texts won’t get you anything

8. Atlassian’s No-Nonsense Guide to Agile Development

Atlassian's No-Nonsense Guide to Agile Development

Monthly Organic Traffic: 858K

Main Keyword: agile methodology

Position: 3

Volume: 46К

Referring domains: 8.4K

Attached pages: 127

Pillar Page Type: 10x content

Total Word Count: 1243

The Agile pillar page on the Atlassian website is a great resource for those looking to build their agile knowledge and apply it to their workflows. It provides an in-depth guide to understanding agile principles and strategies, as well as how to construct and manage agile teams.

How Does Atlassian Use Its Pillar Page?

Atlassian uses this pillar page primarily to promote his products, particularly the Jira software created for business team management.

In the penultimate paragraph, they link the software and tell how it can be useful to a user looking for information on agile. There are also tutorials on how to use Jira.

Jira Tutorials
There are tutorials with detailed instructions on how to use the Jira software within the guide

Thus, the page is used to generate leads and close deals with a long sales cycle.

Why Atlassian’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

The thing I just love about this page is the user-friendly navigation. Let me explain what I mean.

In the screenshot below you see two menu options: a vertical menu and a card menu. The vertical menu is more informative because you can immediately select subtopics, whereas clicking on a card will take you to the main topic section where you can select the subtopic that interests you.

2 Types of Menus on the Page
The main advantage of a card menu is that each card has a brief description of what awaits you in the section

Also take into consideration that menus with agile topics and tutorials are located after the agile definition, and the information that goes deeper into the topic comes after the menu. As a result, the attached pages get more traffic.

Organic Traffic

Traffic began to grow strongly from the beginning of 2020, and the growth continues to this day. This is most likely due to increased interest in the IT niche.

Atlassian's Page Organic Traffic
The maximum traffic is almost 1 million (!!!) organic users per month

Organic Keywords

I really like the keyword screenshot for this page, because it’s a great example of what the pillar page structure will produce in search engines beyond the main keyword. And for all of those keywords, the page is in the top three positions on Google. That’s just awesome!

And there are about 90K organic keywords on the page, which allows the page to rank even better.

Atlassian's Page Organic Keywords
The keywords have fairly high competition, with a little less competition for additional keywords

Referring Domains

Note the pattern: the active growth of traffic began at the same time as the growth of referring domains. These two indicators influence each other: a large number of referring domains allows the page to stay long at the top and get traffic, which in turn leads to new referring domains.

Atlassian's Page Referring Domains
Almost 1,500 of this number of domains have DR>50

Key Takeaways

  • Think carefully about the menu and navigation on your page, users will definitely appreciate it
  • Put the main content at the top of the page and you’ll get more clicks

9. Shopify’s Guide on How to Sell on Amazon

Shopify's Guide on How to Sell on Amazon

Monthly Organic Traffic: 12.3K

Main Keyword: how to sell something on amazon

Position: 6

Volume: 1.5K

Referring domains: 461

Attached pages: 23

Pillar Page Type: 10x content, product page

Total Word Count: 5563

This page on the Shopify blog is an Amazon seller guide, which helps e-commerce entrepreneurs learn how to make the most of their products and services on Amazon. It provides useful tips for anyone interested in selling with Amazon, from setting up accounts to understanding product fees and pricing strategies.

How Does Shopify Use Its Pillar Page?

Since Shopify is an online sales platform, the main goal of all pages from the blog is to attract buyers through informational traffic. On this particular page, they offer readers to try a free trial of their product, which is very apropos, because this pillar page is an Amazon online sales guide.

Shopify Free Trial Banner
Thus, the page is written practically for their tool, because it is dedicated to online sales

Also, Shopify on their page invites us to subscribe to their newsletter, which also sends us into the sales funnel, thereby preparing the customer for the decision to buy the product.

Shopify Subscription Banner

In addition, we can find many other guides on the Shopify blog to generate traffic and attract new customers for the product.

Why Shopify’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

Since this page is a guide, here we should pay attention to one feature. Screenshots. If you’re doing a guide to any online product screenshots are exactly what you need and here’s why. Firstly, they help the user to understand the interface better and he will thank you for that. And secondly, this way you create unique images, which is very pleasing to Google, so your page will be better ranked.

Amazon Seller Center Screenshot on Shopify's Page
Warn readers of the nuances and give tips on how to use what you describe on your page

For those users who prefer to get information through video, Shopify has prepared a webinar on finding ideas for selling products online.

Free Webinar Banner
Videos on a related topic help convince users to stay on the site

They have also prepared a guide for those who want to create their own business but don’t know where to start. A good move, as they find potential customers for their tool.

Free Guide Banner

And finally, I want to note that the links to the inner pages of the site are placed in the text itself and look very organic (as a source of additional information). The text of the guide looks expert, as supported by various resources.

Organic Traffic

The guide came out in early 2020, just as the pandemic began. Since then, in 3 years, people have realized that the future is online business and online sales, so the number of visitors to the page continues to grow actively.

Traffic grows in a heterogeneous way, indicating that from time to time content is improved, and then the rates begin to rise.

Shopify's Page Organic Traffic
Right now, this pillage page is showing maximum traffic numbers: 12K organic users

Organic Keywords

As we can see, most of the keys contain the name of the resource, from which we conclude that the traffic is mostly branded. But for non-brand requests, the page is also in the top 10. All in all, the page has collected about 8K organic keywords.

Shopify's Page Organic Keywords
Since the keys contain the name of the brand, the competition for them is not high

Referring Domains

The number of hits is increasing, which is reflected in the number of referring domains to the page. Not a bad result for this kind of traffic.

Shopify's Page Referring Domains
Almost 100 of this number of domains have DR>50

Key Takeaways

  • Screenshots in the guides will help you to rank better and make the page really useful to the user
  • Insert links to your pages in the content itself (but only where appropriate)
  • Make webinars and guides, it will help to win the readers’ trust

10. Later’s Page on Instagram Guides

Later's Page on Instagram Guides

Monthly Organic Traffic: 7.7K

Main Keyword: instagram guides

Position: 1

Volume: 2.2K

Referring domains: 235

Attached pages: 10

Pillar Page Type: 10x

Total Word Count: 1323

This pillar page by Later helps people get the most out of Instagram. It has a structure that helps people find relevant content quickly and easily, so the page will rank well in search engine results. It also has links to other pages related to their website, such as a page about how to use the platform, a page about news and updates, and a page on best practices.

How Does Later Use Its Pillar Page?

Since Later is a social media management platform, their main goal is to attract new users to their platform. Therefore, articles on the blog automatically become a kind of platform for advertising the product.

Free Instagram Scheduler Banner
At several places on the page, there are advertising banners offering to try the product for free

Later produces quite a few guides on his blog, both in article and video format. For this company, the guides work as lead generators.

Later's Guides
The guides focus on the usability of the company’s product

In general, the blog itself generates good target traffic, thereby becoming part of the sales funnel. Specifically, at the initial stage they tell users about the features of the product.

Why Later’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

Foremost, I like the way the table of contents is laid out. It’s pinned in the left sidebar so that when you flip down the page, you can still see it.

Sticky Navigation
Sticky navigation is your best choice while publishing a long-read

I also like that the examples in this guide are illustrated with screenshots and arrows. This is very convenient because the reader gets the information he or she needs right away.

Screenshot Examples
Screenshots are the element of clarity that make your guide really worthwhile

The structure of the links is diverse: attached pages with the structure of /later/page-title/ and /later/blog/page-title/.

Organic Traffic

In January 2021 there was a sharp increase in traffic (almost 5 times), probably used some methods to promote the page. For example, links from third-party resources.

Later's Page Organic Traffic
The maximum traffic was in the fall of 2022 — nearly 10K

Organic Keywords

The page gathered about 2K organic keywords, with medium keyword competition.

Later's Page Organic Keywords
Traffic is mostly non-branded, which suggests that the page attracts new users of the product

Referring Domains

The number of referring domains began to grow rapidly almost immediately after publication. The maximum number of domains was in September 2022 — 255 domains.

Later's Page Referring Domains
Later’s pillar page has 32 domains with DR >50

Key Takeaways

  • Screenshots make your page user-friendlier
  • Sticky navigation makes your page user-friendly

11. Stripe’s Documentation

Stripe Documentation

Monthly Organic Traffic: 376K

Main Keyword: stripe test cards

Position: 1

Volume: 5.5K

Referring domains: 18.5K

Attached pages: 34

Pillar Page Type: resource

Total Word Count: 195

Stripe’s pillar page is an invaluable resource for those wishing to understand and integrate Stripe into their payment systems. This documentation page serves as a pillar page, providing comprehensive guides, tutorials, and reference materials to help developers get the most out of their Stripe integration.

How Does Stripe Use Its Pillar Page?

Stripe uses his pillar page to close all questions from current users and those who are just thinking about buying the product.

In this way, the documentation page becomes part of the sales funnel. But it serves not only as a lead generator, but also for onboarding those who have already purchased access to the platform.

Why Stripe’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

A great example of good product team work is the library of ready-made step-by-step solutions for product functionality. This always builds customer trust and increases the chance of a purchase. By clicking on the links, you get to the step-by-step instructions on how to perform the action you need

Stripe's Step-by-Step Instructions
By clicking on the links, you get to the step-by-step instructions on how to perform the action you need

I also like the clear and convenient product menu. After clicking the link, you get to the product page, which also has step-by-step solutions, additional information, and links to various guides.

Stripe's Product Menu
Maximum disclosure of the functionality of your product guarantees success with users

The page has a classic URL structure: https://stripe.com/docs/article-name.

Organic Traffic

Traffic to this page is steadily increasing. Since the page incorporates a whole library of manuals, it has become an excellent generator of organic traffic.

Stripe's Page Organic Traffic
Maximal traffic to the page is noticed in November 2022 — over 400K organic users

Organic Keywords

According to the keywords, we can see that the traffic on the page is mostly branded. And this is understandable because the page is a documentation for a certain product, hence the keywords will be related to this product.

Stripe's Page Organic Keywords
The page gathered about 320K organic keywords, with different keyword competition

Referring Domains

The growth in the number of referring domains is directly related to traffic, so the curve of these graphs has a similar image. Except, of course, for the different numerical values.

Stripe's Page Referring Domains
This pillar page has 3387 domains with DR >50

Key Takeaways

  • Keep all the documentation for your product in one place
  • Less text, more usability
  • A detailed description of the product possibilities increases the purchasing chances

12. Wild We Wander’s DIY Truck Camper Guide

Wild We Wander's DIY Truck Camper Guide

Monthly Organic Traffic: 1.7К

Main Keyword: camper truck conversion

Position: 1

Volume: 800

Referring domains: 106

Attached pages: 4

Pillar Page Type: 10x

Total Word Count: 7369

This pillar page on DIY truck campers offers a comprehensive guide to building your own camper using real photos and videos as a visual resource. With this guide, you will be able to create the perfect home away from home tailored to your needs with detailed instructions and tips on how to build a safe, durable and comfortable camper for any budget.

How Does Wild We Wander Use Its Pillar Page?

The main aim of this page is redirecting the visitors to their step-by-step guide to living and working from the road.

A Digital Nomad Guide Banner
This link takes you to a page where you can get the guide

Another thing worth noting is that the portal also uses Amazon’s referral program. In the list of materials that you will need to create a truck camper, there are links to products.

Referral Links to Amazon
If users buy any goods through a referral link, the owner of the account gets a percentage of the amount of purchases

The site is also in the process of developing its own online store, so the guide will attract new customers.

Why Wild We Wander’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

This page is a great example of how to use the E-A-T. Let me explain why.

First, the page has videos from their YouTube channel, and the channel in turn has a link to the guide below the video. This linking has a triple effect:

  1. It promotes the page;
  2. It promotes the video;
  3. It serves as a powerful booster for E-A-T factors.

Second, for E-A-T work well and embeds social networks (in particular, Instagram) in the text of the guide. Here the effect is rather one-sided: it promotes the page well in Google.

And third, the guide also provides real photos and videos to help illustrate what you need to do in each step of the process.

The Guide Live Photo
The author of the guide takes pictures of each step of making a truck camper

Organic Traffic

Half a year after the guide was published, his traffic began to skyrocket, reaching its peak of over 3.5K organic users per month in the summer of 2019.

Wild We Wander’s Page Organic Traffic
Now the traffic is about half of what it was at its maximum

Organic Keywords

The page gathered about 1.5К organic keywords. And according to the keywords, we can see that the traffic on the page is mostly non-branded.

Wild We Wander’s Page Organic Keywords
As you can see from the table, KDs are mostly easy and medium

Referring Domains

The growth in the number of referring domains is directly related to traffic, so the curve of these graphs has a similar image. The maximum numbers were noticed in fall 2019.

Wild We Wander’s Page Referring Domains
Wild We Wander’s pillar page has 20 domains with DR >50

Key Takeaways

  • Embedding posts from social networks helps your page rank (E-A-T factors)
  • Live photos and videos also help promote the page and serve for illustrative purposes
  • Inserting videos from your own YouTube-channel promotes both your page and your channel

13. Audubon’s Guide to North American Birds

Audubon’s Guide to North American Birds

Monthly Organic Traffic: 11К

Main Keyword: north american birds

Position: 1

Volume: 2.5K

Referring domains: 991

Attached pages: REALLY a lot

Pillar Page Type: resource

Total Word Count: 70

Audubon’s Guide to North American Birds is a comprehensive and indispensable resource for both professional ornithologists and casual birdwatchers. This guide, meticulously compiled by the National Audubon Society, provides a wealth of information on hundreds of bird species native to North America.

How Does Audubon Use Its Pillar Page?

Since Audubon (National Audubon Society) is a public program, it does not place commercial advertising or other sales-related information.

However, at the end of the page, there is a call to action: they encourage users to sign up for a newsletter or donate to support bird conservation efforts.

Call to Action

Why Audubon’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

The guide offers in-depth, detailed information about various bird species in North America. Here are the reasons why I adore this page:

  • The guide includes high-quality images and audio files, which enhance user experience and increase the time users spend on the site, a positive signal for SEO.
  • The guide’s structured data, such as species name, description, range, and images, are marked up with schema, making it easier for search engines to understand and display in search results.
  • The guide has an extensive internal linking structure, with individual bird pages linking to related content. This helps search engines understand the relationship between pages and can improve the site’s SEO.

All of the above is very important, but I just love this optimized search system. The user can quickly find what they need, which is the main purpose of visiting the page.

Search System

This guide is a catalog linking to other pages on your site (e.g., blog posts about specific bird species, bird-watching guides) and credible external sources (e.g., scientific studies on bird populations).

Species Catalog
The guides include audio recordings of each bird’s songs and calls, which can be crucial for identification

Each bird listed in the guide comes with extensive information, including the bird’s common and scientific names, a brief description, the bird’s size, identifying features, and its typical habitats and behaviors. Range maps show the distribution of the bird species throughout North America, often differentiating between year-round, summer, and winter ranges and discuss the species’ migration patterns, including when and where they typically migrate. Information about the bird’s breeding habits, nesting locations, and the appearance of its eggs is also included.

Organic Traffic

The field of ornithology is dynamic, with new findings and changes to species classification happening regularly. Regular updates to the guide reflect search engines. The content is fresh and current, so it gets more traffic.

Audubon Organic Traffic
Maximal traffic to the page is noticed in May 2020 — over 64K organic users

Organic Keywords

The guide naturally includes a variety of relevant keywords, such as the names of bird species, terms related to birdwatching, and associated topics like habitat and conservation. Though there are branded keywords as well.

Audubon Organic Keywords
The page gathered about 1K organic keywords with high competition, the positions are rather high though

Referring Domains

As a respected resource, the guide receives many backlinks from reputable websites, which significantly boost its search engine ranking.

Audubon Referring Domains
Audubon’s pillar page has 211 domains with DR >50

Key Takeaways

  • Include audio recordings if possible, as it reflects user-engagement
  • The structured data should be marked up with schema
  • Make the effort to create a search box within your page, it affects the user experience

14. The Mailshake’s Cold Email Masterclass

The Mailshake's Cold Email Masterclass

Monthly Organic Traffic: 311

Main Keyword: cold email outreach

Position: 2

Volume: 250

Referring domains: 540

Attached pages: 10

Pillar Page Type: resource

Total Word Count: 599

The Cold Email Masterclass by Mailshake is a comprehensive, in-depth online course designed to teach individuals and businesses how to effectively write and send cold emails. It covers all aspects of the cold emailing process, from the initial research and planning stages to the final follow-up and closing stages.

How Does Mailshake Use Its Pillar Page?

The main purpose of this guide is reputation work and showing your expertise. Also, the banner at the bottom of the page leads to a sales demo. Thus, the master class is a component of the sales funnel.

Sales Demo Banner
The banner suggest learnIng how to leverage the Mailshake Sales Engagement platform to generate new leads for a business

Why Mailshake’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

I really like the way Majelshake framed the table of contents. It’s not just a list of navigation, but a veritable tour of the course. All the attached chapters have a simple and clear URL structure: https://mailshake.com/masterclass/*chapter-topic*/.

Table of Contents

To provide hands-on learning, the masterclass includes assignments or exercises for students to practice writing their own cold emails and receive feedback.

Getting a PDF-Masterclass by Email Banner
You can request the masterclass in PDF-format by email and get all the examples and templates that will help you master cold emails

To inspire and motivate students, the masterclass shares success stories of individuals or companies that have achieved significant results through cold emailing.

Organic Traffic

For three years, we can observe a constant growth of traffic. However, already in the middle of 2021 there was a sharp drop in traffic, which never recovered.

Mailshake Organic Traffic
The maximum traffic was observed in January-February 2021, it is three times the current performance

Organic Keywords

The page is ranked for a total of 600 keywords, mostly medium and high competition.

Mailshake Organic Keywords
Most of the traffic is unbranded, although there are exceptions

Referring Domains

By securing backlinks from high-quality websites through cold email outreach, you can increase your website’s domain authority. A higher domain authority is a positive signal to search engines and can improve your site’s ranking in search results.

Mailshake Referring Domains
This masterclass page has 126 domains with DR >50

Key Takeaways

  • Suggest options for accessing content (online, pdf, etc.)
  • A handy table of contents with a summary of the chapter content

15. Rochester Homes’ Guide to Buying a Modular Home

Rochester Homes' Guide to Buying a Modular Home

Monthly Organic Traffic: 239

Main Keyword: how to buy a modular home

Position: 1

Volume: 200

Referring domains: 8

Attached pages: 5

Pillar Page Type: 10x

Total Word Count: 3660

This guide by Rochester Homes contains all the information needed to start building a modular home and what to expect along the way.

How Does Rochester Homes Use Its Pillar Page?

As Rochester Homes is a construction company, their main aim is to attract clients. They use this guide to gather informational traffic, which they then use banners to redirect to the sales registration.

Scheduling a Tour
The button suggests scheduling a Rochester Homes tour

Please note that this is a local business, aiming to attract traffic only in a certain region, this explains the rather small traffic and few referring domains.

Why Rochester Homes’ Page Is a Good Example to Follow

What I particularly like about this pillar page are the live photos. If you are selling some kind of service, a great solution for you is to take live photos of the work process. Especially for local businesses.

Photo of the House Making

Another thing all local businesses should take note of: the ability to download a brochure. Generally speaking, a brochure is a great thing, as it implies not only online but also offline promotion.

The Brochure Provision

Last but not least, after scrolling all over the page, you will come across a form to submit an application. This serves as a link in the sales funnel, as it simplifies the user’s path to ordering a service.

The Submit an Application Banner

Organic Traffic

At first glance, it might seem that traffic is not high at all. But let’s not forget that this is a local business, so there are fewer potential visits.

Rochester Homes Organic Traffic
The maximum traffic is recorded in October 2021

Organic Keywords

The article is ranked by 253 keywords. This is a good indicator, and the traffic is almost all non-branded.

Rochester Homes Organic Keywords
The keywords are mostly of medium competence

Referring Domains

I must admit that I was very surprised to see the number of referring domains. The reason for such low numbers is probably because this page is aimed at selling services by a certain company, so it makes no sense for competitors to link to it.

Rochester Homes Referring Domains
The pillar page has only 2 domains with DR >50

Key Takeaways

  • Use live photos of your business processes
  • Prepare a brochure of your services, so they can be shared in different ways
  • The request form shortens the user’s path to the order

16. The ESI’s Guide on Metal Stamping

The ESI's Guide on Metal Stamping

Monthly Organic Traffic: 2K

Main Keyword: what is metal stamping

Position: 1

Volume: 100

Referring domains: 53

Attached pages: 12

Pillar Page Type: 10x

Total Word Count: 2045

The educational guide by ESI Engineering Specialties Inc. on what is metal stamping” explains the basics of the metal stamping process, a manufacturing technique used to convert flat metal sheets into specific shapes in an engaging way.

How Does ESI Use Its Pillar Page?

Undoubtedly, this page is an important part of the sales funnel, as it gives an in-depth understanding of the product offered.

The guide also concludes with a CTA, such as encouraging readers to contact ESI for more information or to discuss their metal stamping needs.

Why ESI’s Page Is a Good Example to Follow

A convenient in-page navigation menu helps you quickly navigate to the information you need.

In-Page Navigation Menu
The guide is divided into five parts

The illustrations and diagrams will help even those who are not in the subject to understand what it is all about. Plus, it’s great for SEO in terms of ranking: unique images promote you in search by picture.

Using Unique Images
Don’t be afraid to add hand drawings, they’re super useful for ranking

The company also offers readers to check out its other guides in different formats. Adds points to the user experience.

Customer testimonials are just a wishing well for E-A-T. They show your expertise and experience with big companies.

Customer Testimonials
Feel free to brag about your successes, it brings a potential customer closer to making a decision in your direction

And finally: the videos from your own YouTube channel perfectly demonstrate the process of work and arouse the interest of not only the readers but also Google.

Organic Traffic

We can see a positive traffic growth rate because the content is high-quality, unique and well SEO-optimized.

ESI's Page Organic Traffic
Currently, the page has made its maximum traffic figures

Organic Keywords

The page is ranking for more than 300 keywords in the United States, and even for broad queries. This is due to both the fairly specific niche and the quality of the content.

ESI's Page Organic Keywords
The traffic is usually non-branded and with average competition

Referring Domains

As in the previous pillar page example (with modular homes), the pages are not so readily referenced. And all for the same reason.

ESI's Page Referring Domains
The pillar page has only 5 domains with DR >50

Key Takeaways

  • The more unique the image, the better it ranks
  • Illustrate what you’re talking about with a video
  • Customer testimonials can help you increase your trustworthiness

The Hubspot’s Guide to Creating an Effective Pillar Page

So, do you have any ideas yet? Take your time, and make sure you watch the Hubspot video before implementing them. In this one, they talk about how to make really effective topic clusters and pillar pages.

That’s it, now you have examples and a guide on how to create a great pillar page. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get to work!


Based on the examples in my article, I showed you what benefits you will get if you create a pillar page. Next, I plan to dive deeper into the topic of pillar pages and investigate how far more effective they are compared to regular pages.

Wish me luck!

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